Roku Premiere Plus



1. Powerful performance. Roku premiere plus lets you experience ultra-smooth streaming with a quick quad-core processor and 802.11ac dual-band wireless. Subsequently, you can access your preferred films with its smooth and receptive navigation. Furthermore, the channels launch very quickly removing any inconvenience.

2. 4K picture quality and 4K Brilliant HD. Having Roku Premiere Plus provides you with vivid picture quality to either your 1080p HD or4K UHD television thus you can get crystal-clear and life-like images that will leave you awed.

Roku Premiere

Get to experience the rush of 4K Ultra HD streaming while using a compatible 4K television & content. Moreover, with Roku’s 4K Spotlight channel, you will get assistance to locate 4K content.

3. Whenever you steam any HDR content on a compatible HDR television, you get to experience a rich and accurate color detail even in the brightest highlights and dimmest shadows.

Moreover, HDR displays a broader assortment of colors, deeper blacks to create an attractive, more natural and true-to-life imagery as well as brighter whites

4. Point-anywhere remote: Roku Premiere Plus comes with a superior remote which includes headphones to listen to privately listen to your favorite shows. Also, you do not have to aim at your television.

Advantages of Roku Player

1. There is an endless variety of incredible content. Get to stream anything from live sports, TV shows, movies, music and news with over 100,000 TV episodes and videos available to choose. Identify popular choices which you can watch for free, subscribe or buy the content.


2. With a Roku player, streaming is made very simple, and you only need to your television to your wireless network. Follow this up by creating a Roku account thereby allowing you to quickly sign up for free trials, subscribe, purchase or rent.

Additionally, with its inbuilt interface, you can conveniently find what you want either using a mobile app for both Android and iOS as well as a simple remote to locate what you want to stream.

3. Follow your favorite stations. Using the Roku Feed, you can follow actors, TV shows, movies, and directors whenever there is a price drop or new content is accessible to stream.

4. Take it on the go. You can move around with your Roku player to either your friend’s house or different television sets in your home. Furthermore, streaming is also possible while on the go either in your hotel room or dorm, and you have to carry along your Roku remote, power adapter, tablet, smartphone or laptop with a web browser. After that, connect your player, sign in and commence on the streaming.

5. Fair search across top networks. You can search for your favorite shows, movies to cult classics are free or cheapest to stream with an unbiased search across the top networks. Get to search through a broad selection of both paid and free channels by title, actor or director using either your Roku mobile app, Roku remote or voice search.