Best WordPress Hosting Solutions in 2019

When using WordPress there is always the need to secure a hosting that will offer security services to your website. However, most companies face the problem of obtaining the best host provider. Information uploaded in web pages for internet users to have access to is usually stored in servers under the management of web host.

Web host aims to provide web space and web services to websites to make them live over the internet. For the success of a site, it primarily depends on a web host for the security of its data. The effectiveness of a hosting solution affects the performance of any website directly. With a good wordpress managed hosting, one is sure of getting the best for the site.

There are three types of web solutions which include, shared hosting, dedicated and root hosting. In this article will have a look at the best category of those web host.

Best WordPress hosting includes;

1. WP Engine

It is the most popular managed WordPress solution. Its hosting solution includes the provision of a powerful in house optimisation performance, led updates, 1-click staging environment among others. Its performance grade solution is over 95% with a workload of over 582ms.

2. Bluehost




It is another most popular WordPress hosting solution used in most of the official sites. It has a performance index percentage of 86 with a workload of time of 1.24s. It is faster among the web host with 85% more rapid rate. It gives a 50% discount on managed WordPress, a free domain, and a free SSL. Further, this site is highly optimised and offers website users a chance to do more than just the WordPress.

3. SiteGround

It is also among the top-rated web host solution. It offers unique in house performance and good security, and that is why it is most recommended.

Its data loading capacity is 649ms in less than a second, which makes it 95% more preferred than all other WordPress solutions.

4. DreamHost

DreamHost is a reliable hosting solution in the industry of hosting. It offers VPS, dedicated, and a well-managed WordPress hosting planress. It has a loading speed of 97% which makes it more advantaged and hence more preferred. DreamHost performs relatively excellent even when there is heavy traffic.

5. Liquid Web

It is another perfect WordPress hosting company solution that is more popular in the world of WordPress industries. It offers managed WordPress hosting, VPS, cloud sites and dedicated hosting. In less than a second, Liquid web can load over 901ms and has a performance rate of 99. it makes this site to be the most reliable among all other WordPress solutions.

6. Share Hosting- Best for Beginners

With this site, you have the privilege of having your site located in the same place with another bunch of websites. When you share the server, it means you are sharing the cost as well. Clients share the cost of operation and maintenanceributed. This site more affordable. However, sharing a server with many clients is not good. Due to the number of people trying to access the server, it tends to be low regarding speed.

WordPress Hosting

In conclusion, websites do not sustain themselves and do require the help of web host. It is more so for data and information protection. With a good web host solution, it is easy to eliminate hacking of websites entirely and hence the need for webmaster, web host, and WordPress to work together.