How Much Does It Cost To Introduce A Beginner To Golf?

Learning golf

Most people think that to get the best golf training, and you have to attend an institution for learning golf. There are also other people who tend to believe that it is quite expensive to study since it is stereo typically seen as the game for the rich. In essence, several stereotypes come along when you first hear about golf training.

It is, however, good to get a proper understanding of what it takes to train as a golf player. The game is fun, and so you do not need to miss it just because of the fear of the training cost.

There may not be a definite answer when it comes to the exact amount of money that you need to part with to be introduced in golf as a beginner. There are several factors which would make the cost to go high or to be low. Out of the factors, as a beginner, you can choose whether to train in a cheap of an expensive way. Here is the GUIDE to help you determine the amount you will pay:

1. The age

Are you joining golf as an adult or as a kid? Golf divides its players into two groups majorly the adults and the junior players. As a junior in the first year, you might have to join with between $832 and $3,454.


However, as an adult, the range is $1,849 to $3,349 for the first year. This means that if you join as an adult, you will have to pay more than the junior would pay for the same training, game and season.

2. The type of equipment

As a golf player, you are responsible for your costumes and materials. How serious you are about this determines the amount of money you are going to spend on your preparation.

In essence, you can have a set of used club from their shops. Even the second-hand costumes and equipment are of good value. You do not have to start high. You can, but the used costumes and the used balls and still enjoy the game. Alternatively, you can opt to go for the new outfits which are not as cheap as the second-hand ones.

3. The training school you choose

Not all training schools will charge the same fee. Some are expensive while the other is cheap. You cannot join golf without the willingness to train. If you choose to train through a golf class or club, it will be expensive. If you need a cheaper cost, you can get to the public schools where you pay as less as $40 for eighteen holes. It all depends on the training exposure you go for.


Based on the guide discussed, you can decide on the cost implications that you choose to incur. You can take the cheaper route or expensive direction. Generally, you should not consider yourself equal with others. You are unique on your own. If you want to be part of golf for a long time, it is advisable that you start as a junior player. This will be relatively cheaper since you will just be renewing your membership.