Can I Put A Roof Top Tent On My Car?


Most people usually linger with the question of the possibility of having a roof top tent on their cars. This is a very important and fair question. It is important for one to know that the tents can and will work well for their cars. However, that does not mean that your car is ideal for one. There are funny stories, for example, someone can tell you they have seen cars with tents on top of them and not all were SUVs or even 4*4s.

Nevertheless, if one owns a very compact vehicle or a sedan, our car tent company advises them to get a ground tent.

Significance of the Tent

The reason one needs a ROOF TOP TENT in their car is because it adds additional weight on top of the roof. Besides, they are exactly aerodynamic.


The best types of tents are those that are 120 lbs, and they need to be set up on a set of roof racks. Thus, if your car is small and low, it can have an effect on the suspension, acceleration and speed. It will also affect power. Eventually fuel consumption will increase and it will be costly.Learn More about this article.

Best Tents

There are tents such as the Beja series from Tepui that can be suitable for sedans. Even though they are not common, they are good. In the end, it is up to you to decide if you do not mind all the other factors.

Roof Tent

All you might want is a comfortable place where you can sleep at night while traveling on your car the go ahead. One is also advised to purchase one when they have a SUV or 4*4. Our car tent company has several styles and brands that are needed by the client. check these guys out. The tents are also less expensive, very efficient and are made of high quality.