5 Best Coupon Sites For Extreme Savings In 2019

If you have a hobby of saving money then you are in the right place. To get good deals on whatever you purchase online, you can check out these coupon sites, they all have different coupon codes which you can try out the next time you are on a shopping spree.


It provides its users with several ways of saving. You can easily print out the physical coupons from this site to use them at your local grocery store, clothing store, drug store, and more.


You can as well use the iherb discount code generated from Swagbucks to get your preferred herbs. For every printed coupon, the user earns one Swagbucks. If you want to earn more, then you can choose to redeem the deals online. Swagbucks also allows cash back for customers shopping online.


If you are looking to use coupons and get cash back on every purchase you make, then ebates is the place to be. Signing up on this website is absolutely free, and by doing this; you will be able to get some of the best deals in the market.


This is one of the best coupon sites for those looking to get deals on entertainment, restaurant, beauty as well as spa services. It also provides travel discounts including vacation packages, hotels as well as tours to some of the well-known destinations in the world.


This is one of the best coupon websites you should try. It provides customers with a variety of digital coupons. The coupons are normally updated on a monthly basis, so it is advisable that you always check back every month for the latest set of discounts.


This site puts its emphasis on community. It has a section where one can find a good price for the vacation.Make use of these coupon sites today and make your shopping cost effective.

4 Steps To Building An Effective Ephemeral Content Strategy

You probably have never heard of the term ephemeral content but am more than sure you have interacted with such content. Ephemeral content merely is any content on the web that is meant to last for a limited time such as 24 hours. This concept began on Snapcgat before Facebook and Instagram adopted the ideal.

You can sell your brand or product by use of the ephemeral content ads which run for just 24 hours. It is effective because there are so many social media users who are keen not to miss out on any trending issues in the world.

However, you have to find a way to captivate your audience for the ephemeral content to be effective. To understand the 4 steps to building an effective ephemeral content strategy more info here;

1. Platform.

Before creating ephemeral content, you must have researched the target audience. This is to avoid posting irrelevant stuff for your audience. Since ephemeral content can only be posted on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, you must make sure you have the required followership on the platform you choose to use. In case you have enough followership from your target audience on all platforms, consider using all.


In case you do not have the followership required, you can alternatively seek influencers with the target audience you want to post the ephemeral content for you on their stories. This would be a more excellent way to sell your brand, but you must be sure that the people you trust with this are ready to sell and market your brand or product by creating a buzz around it.

2. Content.

Create content that is fresh, funny, snappy and most importantly shareable. Social media addicts will easily get bored and assume content that does not rotate around the mentioned characteristics.

Make sure that your content is worth your target audience time. You should make sure you introduce yourself with a bang by making the first content amazing. This will make your audience always checking for your stories.

3. Timing.

The internet today has led to the trending of issues worldwide. To make your ephemeral content worth it, follow the trending issues. This is to make sure you know the right time to create attention around your product or brand. When you are behind the trending issues, very few people will dare pay attention to your content.

4. Stick to your brand.


Sticking to your brand is very important.This enables you to study different ways to advertise your brand through ephemeral content. When you keep changing your focus, you end up confusing your target audience and also failing to note trends in your line of product.

The above steps will help you in creating an effective ephemeral content strategy for advertising and marketing your brand or product through social media.

How Much Does It Cost To Introduce A Beginner To Golf?

Most people think that to get the best golf training, and you have to attend an institution for learning golf. There are also other people who tend to believe that it is quite expensive to study since it is stereo typically seen as the game for the rich. In essence, several stereotypes come along when you first hear about golf training.

It is, however, good to get a proper understanding of what it takes to train as a golf player. The game is fun, and so you do not need to miss it just because of the fear of the training cost.

There may not be a definite answer when it comes to the exact amount of money that you need to part with to be introduced in golf as a beginner. There are several factors which would make the cost to go high or to be low. Out of the factors, as a beginner, you can choose whether to train in a cheap of an expensive way. Here is the GUIDE to help you determine the amount you will pay:

1. The age

Are you joining golf as an adult or as a kid? Golf divides its players into two groups majorly the adults and the junior players. As a junior in the first year, you might have to join with between $832 and $3,454.


However, as an adult, the range is $1,849 to $3,349 for the first year. This means that if you join as an adult, you will have to pay more than the junior would pay for the same training, game and season.

2. The type of equipment

As a golf player, you are responsible for your costumes and materials. How serious you are about this determines the amount of money you are going to spend on your preparation.

In essence, you can have a set of used club from their shops. Even the second-hand costumes and equipment are of good value. You do not have to start high. You can, but the used costumes and the used balls and still enjoy the game. Alternatively, you can opt to go for the new outfits which are not as cheap as the second-hand ones.

3. The training school you choose

Not all training schools will charge the same fee. Some are expensive while the other is cheap. You cannot join golf without the willingness to train. If you choose to train through a golf class or club, it will be expensive. If you need a cheaper cost, you can get to the public schools where you pay as less as $40 for eighteen holes. It all depends on the training exposure you go for.


Based on the guide discussed, you can decide on the cost implications that you choose to incur. You can take the cheaper route or expensive direction. Generally, you should not consider yourself equal with others. You are unique on your own. If you want to be part of golf for a long time, it is advisable that you start as a junior player. This will be relatively cheaper since you will just be renewing your membership.

Best WordPress Hosting Solutions in 2019

When using WordPress there is always the need to secure a hosting that will offer security services to your website. However, most companies face the problem of obtaining the best host provider. Information uploaded in web pages for internet users to have access to is usually stored in servers under the management of web host.

Web host aims to provide web space and web services to websites to make them live over the internet. For the success of a site, it primarily depends on a web host for the security of its data. The effectiveness of a hosting solution affects the performance of any website directly. With a good wordpress managed hosting, one is sure of getting the best for the site.

There are three types of web solutions which include, shared hosting, dedicated and root hosting. In this article will have a look at the best category of those web host.

Best WordPress hosting includes;

1. WP Engine

It is the most popular managed WordPress solution. Its hosting solution includes the provision of a powerful in house optimisation performance, led updates, 1-click staging environment among others. Its performance grade solution is over 95% with a workload of over 582ms.

2. Bluehost




It is another most popular WordPress hosting solution used in most of the official sites. It has a performance index percentage of 86 with a workload of time of 1.24s. It is faster among the web host with 85% more rapid rate. It gives a 50% discount on managed WordPress, a free domain, and a free SSL. Further, this site is highly optimised and offers website users a chance to do more than just the WordPress.

3. SiteGround

It is also among the top-rated web host solution. It offers unique in house performance and good security, and that is why it is most recommended.

Its data loading capacity is 649ms in less than a second, which makes it 95% more preferred than all other WordPress solutions.

4. DreamHost

DreamHost is a reliable hosting solution in the industry of hosting. It offers VPS, dedicated, and a well-managed WordPress hosting planress. It has a loading speed of 97% which makes it more advantaged and hence more preferred. DreamHost performs relatively excellent even when there is heavy traffic.

5. Liquid Web

It is another perfect WordPress hosting company solution that is more popular in the world of WordPress industries. It offers managed WordPress hosting, VPS, cloud sites and dedicated hosting. In less than a second, Liquid web can load over 901ms and has a performance rate of 99. it makes this site to be the most reliable among all other WordPress solutions.

6. Share Hosting- Best for Beginners

With this site, you have the privilege of having your site located in the same place with another bunch of websites. When you share the server, it means you are sharing the cost as well. Clients share the cost of operation and maintenanceributed. This site more affordable. However, sharing a server with many clients is not good. Due to the number of people trying to access the server, it tends to be low regarding speed.

WordPress Hosting

In conclusion, websites do not sustain themselves and do require the help of web host. It is more so for data and information protection. With a good web host solution, it is easy to eliminate hacking of websites entirely and hence the need for webmaster, web host, and WordPress to work together.

How to Deal With Restaurant Employees Caught Stealing

Running a restaurant comes with lots of challenges. Not only do you have to prepare meals that your customers love but you also have to manage your staff. While most restaurant workers are good people, you will sometimes find a few bad apples in the mix. Today we are going to learn how to deal with restaurant workers who get caught stealing.

Review The Tape

When money or other items go missing at your restaurant it is easy to jump to conclusions. But before you start pointing fingers, you will need to find out who actually stole from your establishment. Any smart restaurant owner will have cameras installed in various important locations.


Cameras should always cover cash registers as well as the bar. This will help discourage employee theft. But if you do have someone take something that doesn’t belong to them, review the tapes. This will without a doubt help you find out who did it.

Check Your Inventory Software

Not everything that is stolen from a restaurant is money. In fact, some of the most common items that are stolen are alcohol and food. While you might turn a blind eye to a few drinks that went missing, things can start adding up quickly.

To find out who has been pouring drinks for themselves while on the job, all you need to do is check your restaurant inventory software. You will be able to see who took what and what shift it was taken from.

File A Police Report

Depending on the number of items stolen and the amount they got away with you might want to involve the police. By filing a police report you will not only have proof for your insurance company but you will also make sure it goes your employee’s record.



This will discourage them from stealing from others in the future and teach them a hard lesson that they will not forget. While this may seem harsh, you just might be doing them a favor. Most people who are let off with a warning will often end up getting in trouble for stealing in the future.

Speak With Your Attorney

While it is a wise move to fire anyone that has stolen from you, there is something you should do before letting them go. There are many laws that protect workers rights and you could run into hot water if you wrongfully terminate someone. To protect yourself and your business you should meet with your lawyer before you make the decision to fire your employee.

This will allow you to know where you stand on the matter. If you don’t have an attorney you should find one that specializes in employment law. He or she will have the knowledge that you need to build a solid case for termination.

These are just a few things that you should do if you catch an employee stealing from you. Remember to always make sure you have proof that they took something before point your finger. It is also a good idea to speak with both your lawyer and the police before making a final decision.

The Effects of Disputing Charges on a Credit Card

A lot of people are unfamiliar with the effects of disputing charges on a credit card. Most think that it may affect their credit, but that is least likely to happen. You need not worry about your credit standing being affected negatively. The only thing that may happen is that your credit card company may add a statement showing that your particular credit card is in dispute. Credit card disputes occur due to billing errors.

These include charges for things you didn’t order or returned. Calculation errors also result in a credit card dispute. To dispute charges on a credit card, you are usually required to send a letter entailing copies of receipts or any form of evidence to your credit card company.


Before we dive in onto some of the effects of disputing charges on your credit card, you must first inquire from your credit card company so that you understand how their policy works and how it will be reflected on your credit card reports.

The Effects

The Credit Company Gives You A Response

It is the role of your credit card company to look into the matter. If the issue was caused by an unintentional arithmetic error, your credit company simply corrects the mistake. All disputes that are below $25, they are often removed. Credit card companies usually perceive all disputes below $25 not to be worth the company’s time. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the law requires that a credit card company responds to your letter within 30 days.

Credit Card

Larger amounts of charges usually result in investigations. And, the investigation is expected to take three months. Plus, the sooner it is solved, the better it is for both the credit card issuer and the client.

An Investigation Is Carried Out

For companies that get a lot of chargebacks, that can affect the operation of the business. Business owners receiving a lot of chargebacks should come up with a chargeback reduce plan to help minimize them. It is during the investigation that the credit card issuer tries to find out if either you or the seller was at fault. If there was an error, the credit company should write to you explaining the nature of the error.

The credit card company should also explain to you the steps they are taking in correcting the error and deleting any charges or interests that may have been taken from your credit card.

You should also know that your credit card company can’t do the following when you dispute charges on a credit card:

1. It can’t collect the amount that is in dispute.

2. It can’t close your account during the investigation.

3. You can’t be reported to credit bureaus for failing to pay the disputed charges.

What If Your Card Was Stolen?

In instances where your credit card was stolen and used to make a purchase. You shouldn’t pay more than $50 for the unauthorized amount. This is as per the laws of the Federal Trade Commission. Moreover, if it’s only the card number that was stolen and you are in possession of the actual card, you shouldn’t pay any unauthorized charges.

You should also know that the credit card company can decide you owe the disputed amount for charges that you agreed to. You can only be assured of protection for charges you didn’t authorize.

Top 5 Photography Documentaries to Watch

Regardless of the sub-genera, there is a wealth of knowledge waiting to be unleashed in photography documentaries. Focusing on the pain and despair of humanity, the breathtaking wonders of the universe, or heartwarming tales of compassion, there is a documentary for everyone. Following the work of photographers around the globe, these amazing non-fiction works can offer inspiration and insight.

A documentaries on photography cover an array of topics from every style of photographer. Whether you are looking to inspire yourself to do more with your work, discover new genera to explore, or simply enjoy a fascinating story on a rainy day, there is a documentary suited for you. Check out these top five photography documentaries.

Finding Vivian Maier (2013)

Directors: John Maloof, Charlie Siskel

John Maloof, a real estate agent, visits his local auction house to find old pictures to use to create a history book about his neighborhood. After bidding and winning a box of negatives for $308, he is thoroughly impressed by the quality of work and believes they rival some of the most renowned artists of the time. Deciding they are not quite right for his book, he sets out to find the woman behind the camera. He discovers the photographer is a career nanny, Vivian Maier.

Finding Vivian Maier

Baraka (1992)

Director: Ron Fricke

Unlike most documentaries, Baraka does not use narration. Without words to distract us, we are immersed in the world around us. This documentary brings us full circle with breathtaking landscapes, Balinese Hindu men performing ritualistic dances, the destruction of nature, rapid urban growth, mass graves, and concentration camps, and ancient ruins.

A true variety of spectacles in the natural and technological world, Baraka shows us how everything around us is interconnected.

The Salt of the Earth (2014)

Directors: Wim Wenders, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado

Following the forty-year life of Juliano Ribeiro Salgado and his wife Leila, this film covers his journey through South America, Africa, Europe, the Arctic, and Brazil. Showing heart-wrenching photos and video of international conflicts, his black and white photos showcase how the humans across the world and the environment are exploited by the global economic market to turn a large profit.

Chevolution (2008)

Directors: Luis Lopez, Trisha Ziff

Decades after the death of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, the iconic picture taken by Cuban photographer Alberto Diaz Gutierrez has thrived. This film delves into how the photo originated along with the various interpretations, meanings, and commercialization of Guerillero Heroico.

Chevolution (2008)

With contrasting themes in communism and capitalism, opportunism and idealism, and art and commerce, Chevolution explores how they have interacted on the same material for over half a century.

The September Issue (2009)

Director: R. J. Cutler

Weighing in at nearly five pounds, the single largest issue of Vogue Magazine was published for September 2007. Following editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and her staff, this behind-the-scenes film shows the effort that goes into making a single issue of a magazine. With a symbiotic relationship between Wintour and model turned creative director Grace Codington, this dramatic documentary is a must-see for anyone interested in fashion photography.

7 Quick Tips to Improve Your Design Portfolio

Just like any other profession being a designer requires constant improvement to ensure you land good opportunities to showcase your talents. Unfortunately, no matter how talented you are, you may lack the insight to keep updating your portfolio.

If you are always showing up with designs you made ages ago, you need to refresh your collection with these few tips.

1) Choose quality over quantity

You might become attached to all your projects and feel that everyone else should appreciate them considering how much effort you put into them.


Unfortunately, some of your projects will not impress because they are outdated. Also, if there are some that you feel you could have done better, they should not go into your design portfolio. Therefore, remove them and let your best work do the talking for you.

2) Use bigger images

A digital portfolio that has images which one has to struggle to see clearly will land in the rejected pile. Therefore do not squeeze in your pictures to fit in one slide.

You would rather have big images in several slides that instantly capture the viewer’s attention as opposed to small thumbnails crammed into one slide.

3) Update your projects

What you did a few years ago may have been beautiful at that particular time, but as time passes, you cannot use the same projects over and over again. Instead, update your existing projects by adding some animation or other effects that will refresh your work.

4) Create a stand-out About page

The About page can make or break your portfolio; it will determine whether the person viewing your project decides to move on to the next page or dismiss it. It is not always about the project; it is also about you.


The person looking at your portfolio will want to know more about you, your personality, your culture and what you are offering. It is only by creating a memorable About page that you can accomplish this objective.

5) Use a simple introduction

Be as plain as possible in your Intro. Do not go into detail explaining everything you have ever learnt; instead, say what you do and who you are and leave it at that. A crammed introduction will bore the client, or even confuse them before they can get to view your designs which will throw your chances of landing that opportunity out the window.

6) Be unique

The internet is here making it easy with templates to create a design portfolio. If your portfolio looks like the rest, how will your client see your creativity and set you apart from the rest? Go out of your way to bring in lots of fresh ideas into your portfolio and come up with a unique and captivating project that will leave your client thirsting for more of your work.

7) Tell the story of your project

As much as a picture is worth a thousand words, do not let your reader fill in the gaps of what your project entails. You should use a few words to explain the entire project and help walk the reader through for better clarity.


Designing a portfolio does not have to be a complicated task whether you are giving it an update or starting from scratch. With these tips, you will come up with a great [portfolio and entice your reader from start to finish.

5 Personal Travel Blogs You Should Visit


I work hard to offer exceptional practical travel tips that will assist you travel better, but I am not the only good travel blogger on the market. Actually, I understand this may be shocking. There is a whole lot about traveling that I am not a specialist on. Family traveling? No thought. Traveling for a lady? Clueless. Info about hotels? Just a little. Photography? I am able to manage to turn my camera if this counts. Food pro? Just at ingesting it.

I have understood that it has been some time since I last spoke about the very best travel sites out there now. Those that I read so I needed to have a minute and highlight a few of my favorite travel blogs which could also allow you to journey much better, cheaper, and more affordable.


For those searching for fun traveling around the world, you can look travel with kevin and ruth blog and connect with them. However, you can find so many great sites out there that can help you a good travel experience.

1. Legal Nomads

Apart from being one of the all-time preferred folks on the planet, Jodi can be a damn fantastic blogger that writes frequently about culture and food. She devotes a whole lot of time on the street, shooting mouthwatering photos which make me envious of her capacity to achieve that.

A former attorney, she writes a string known as “Thrillable Hours” about some other attorneys who handed up being a company lackey for life in the street.

2. Uncornered Market

If there was a competition for the best travel site, I’d tell all to vote for me personally. Then I’d go vote for both Audrey and Dan. They inform heartwarming tales and take amazing, out-of-this-world photos. Their site concentrates on cultural journey and sustainability problems (they work together with the UN Global Sustainable Tourism Council). I concentrate on the nuts and bolts of moving locations, whereas they concentrate on the folks. They are just good storytellers.

3. No Holiday Required

Canaan and Kent compose the dynamic duo that’s most traveling bloggers’ favorite dynamic duo. The website about what from electronic nomadic, to traveling, to arbitrary entries about their lifestyle, and everything between. Theirs is a private blog with a journey facet. They’re humorous, clever, and witty.

4. Alex at Wonderland

I met with Alex years back in NYC and we have been buddies ever since. Her website features great photographs, dive ideas, travel tales, and a scratching and self-deprecating comedy. Additionally, I really helped pick out her website name, therefore it is difficult not to adore it. The

5. Blonde Abroad

Kiersten’s website concentrates on the intersection of style and traveling. She provides suggestions and ideas for girls on which wear, package, and watch whether abroad and concentrates more about higher-end, relaxation traveling than I really do. I believe her website is among the most appropriate for female travelers and, even although it is not targeted for me personally I find helpful information I share with other people. Kiersten and I will be buddies, and I really like seeing her website develop and expand, particularly throughout the previous year. She appears to be anywhere!

Roku Premiere Plus


1. Powerful performance. Roku premiere plus lets you experience ultra-smooth streaming with a quick quad-core processor and 802.11ac dual-band wireless. Subsequently, you can access your preferred films with its smooth and receptive navigation. Furthermore, the channels launch very quickly removing any inconvenience.

2. 4K picture quality and 4K Brilliant HD. Having Roku Premiere Plus provides you with vivid picture quality to either your 1080p HD or4K UHD television thus you can get crystal-clear and life-like images that will leave you awed.

Roku Premiere

Get to experience the rush of 4K Ultra HD streaming while using a compatible 4K television & content. Moreover, with Roku’s 4K Spotlight channel, you will get assistance to locate 4K content.

3. Whenever you steam any HDR content on a compatible HDR television, you get to experience a rich and accurate color detail even in the brightest highlights and dimmest shadows.

Moreover, HDR displays a broader assortment of colors, deeper blacks to create an attractive, more natural and true-to-life imagery as well as brighter whites

4. Point-anywhere remote: Roku Premiere Plus comes with a superior remote which includes headphones to listen to privately listen to your favorite shows. Also, you do not have to aim at your television.

Advantages of Roku Player

1. There is an endless variety of incredible content. Get to stream anything from live sports, TV shows, movies, music and news with over 100,000 TV episodes and videos available to choose. Identify popular choices which you can watch for free, subscribe or buy the content.


2. With a Roku player, streaming is made very simple, and you only need to your television to your wireless network. Follow this up by creating a Roku account thereby allowing you to quickly sign up for free trials, subscribe, purchase or rent.

Additionally, with its inbuilt interface, you can conveniently find what you want either using a mobile app for both Android and iOS as well as a simple remote to locate what you want to stream.

3. Follow your favorite stations. Using the Roku Feed, you can follow actors, TV shows, movies, and directors whenever there is a price drop or new content is accessible to stream.

4. Take it on the go. You can move around with your Roku player to either your friend’s house or different television sets in your home. Furthermore, streaming is also possible while on the go either in your hotel room or dorm, and you have to carry along your Roku remote, power adapter, tablet, smartphone or laptop with a web browser. After that, connect your player, sign in and commence on the streaming.

5. Fair search across top networks. You can search for your favorite shows, movies to cult classics are free or cheapest to stream with an unbiased search across the top networks. Get to search through a broad selection of both paid and free channels by title, actor or director using either your Roku mobile app, Roku remote or voice search.