5 Ways To Increase Conversions In Your Online Store


E-commerce is a huge and growing industry. With total yearly sales hovering around $3 billion, and with that figure continuously multiplying, the shop-from-home model is working just fine. Conversions are the percentage of your actual sales in relation to your total site visitors. There are methods you can utilize to help boost those numbers.

Much like tuning in a radio station, you can fine-tune your online store to make it shout, navigate to this website. Tweaking and testing over and over is key to maximizing your efforts. Search for analytic tools that will show your conversion rates and make changes while continuously checking those rates for improvement or decline.

Think of your storefront as real estate on the Internet and you are showing the best building on the block. Here are 5 ways to increase your conversion rates.

1. Show That You Are the Solution For Shoppers


A simple technique that is often overlooked by storefront owners is the Call To Action (CTA). Add an easily seen section to your website that points out some common problems or concerns that your visitor may have and explain how your products can solve these situations. Take a step beyond basic images and descriptions of your items and get more specific. Offer details on what your products do and talk about their benefits. For this purpose, you should also consider using a chatbot, since that is the most effective way to increase customer satisfaction by providing them with instant assistance.

2. Include Product and Storefront Review Section

More than 60% of online shoppers are more comfortable making a purchase from a site that utilizes customer reviews. This adds more legitimacy to the products and eases the mind of those who may be on the fence.

Encourage your visitors to not only review the products but also provide testimonials on the storefront itself and the quality of service they received. Word of mouth and referrals have been essential to any good business since the beginning of time.If you want to learn more read the full info here.

3. Provide a Simple Checkout Process

Keep it basic and easy. Polls have found that 70% of online buyers abandon their shopping cart. But 28% of those abandoned were blamed on confusing or time-consuming checkouts. Nothing can be more frustrating than having a potential buyer proceed all the way to the final step and you lose them there.


Get your checkout process as close to one-click purchasing as you can. Some checkout programs make the one-click process possible for returning customers to set up. They will love you for this.

4. Offer Free Shipping and Coupon Codes

These perks are so common online these days that to compete, you pretty much need to make this happen.

Free shipping is obvious and coupon codes might include free gifts with purchase, discounts when checking out, or perhaps a buy-one-get-one-free offer.

5. Make Sure Your Storefront Is Attractive

Webpage design is easy to deploy and can make a world of difference on your site. Keep distractions off your site and don’t crowd too much on the pages. Keep it simple and easy to navigate. Use a clean looking layout with eye-pleasing color schemes. Make sure your design, content, and theme are well organized.

Final Thought

Above all, tweak, test, tweak, test over and over. Keep what is working and discard what isn’t. Then you can watch your conversions take off.